About Us

Jenny Samfat and Robert Keith. Co-founders of BrightSentinel
Temperature has an impact on everything in the world!

The problem is that in many situations the impact of being exposed to too high or too low temperatures is detrimental and needs to be managed.

Precise temperature monitoring is our passion

We understand that precise temperature monitoring is vital and can often be a challenge. We continue pushing the boundaries of calibration for temperature and humidity to improve quality of life.
We are committed to listening to our customers and offering a subscription service that adds value, saves precious time, is easy to use and is affordable.

We solve your challenges with a highly reliable Cloud based solution that puts you in control of when, where and how to monitor and analyze your temperature critical equipment and products.

At the core of our service is sensors that are precisely calibrated in our innovative calibration laboratory that is accredited by NVLAP (NIST) and meets the requirements of ISO/lEC 17025, a worldwide recognized standard.

Our customers, employees and partners are our focus

We are growing an enduring company based on openness, fairness and integrity.

Will you join us on our quest to improve life and save precious resources?