BrightSentinel's calibration laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by NVLAP;
a program of the US National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST).

At BrightSentinel, we believe that offering calibrated sensors to an internationally recognized standard is a minimum requirement in today's inter-connected world, where precise and authoritative measurements are important to ensure safe and quality products and services.

Sensors provided by BrightSentinel are carefully and precisely calibrated in our in-house calibration lab.

A Calibration Certificate, valid for 12 months, is included with all our  calibrated sensors, indicating NVLAP accreditation and traceability to national standards in accordance with NIST HB 150-2016.

The Importance of Calibration with an Accredited Body

The process of calibration is a comparison of the device being calibrated against a more accurate traceable reference standard and the documentation of this comparison.

The main reason we include calibration as part of our service is to provide qualitative evidence that our measurement devices have been tested and are assured to be measuring to the acceptable stated level. As part of the process, we improve the accuracy (where applicable) of the measurement device and quantify the measurement of uncertainty for quality assurance.

Benefits of Calibration

Regulatory compliance:
Our accreditation and certification complies with the requirements of quality systems and regulatory bodies worldwide.

Enhanced accuracy:
BrightSentinel’s calibrated sensors are accurate up to ±0.06° C; lowering the uncertainty of measurement readily accessible to clinical environments. We believe that calibration to only one or two points does not provide a reliable view of the accuracy of the measuring device over the temperature range used by our customers. Instead, we provide calibration to 4 to 5 points, depending on the operating range of the measurement device..

Assurance of accuracy:
The accuracy of all measuring devices degrades over time. This is typically caused by normal wear and tear or challenging environments. Quality systems and regulations require annual re-calibration of measurement devices to assure continued accuracy. BrightSentinel's annual replacement service provides assured accuracy of readings.

Authority of measurement:
In clinical and pharmaceutical environments, customer safety is a high priority and motivation for improving accuracy of measurement. Precise and authoritative measurements are vital to avoid risks to customers' health and possible legal complications.

Annual Device Replacement

Re-calibration of monitoring devices generally requires either a visit by an on-site calibration technician or sending the device to an external laboratory, resulting in downtime.

BrightSentinel offers an annual replacement service for calibrated devices. On expiration of the Calibration Certificate of a sensor, we provide new calibrated sensors on subscription renewal, resulting in reduced operating expense and downtime.

Certification and Scope

BrightSentinel's Scope of Accreditation includes humidity and pressure for future projects.

Download the Certificate and Scope (PDF)