Simplify ​your ​temperature monitoring and ​save precious time and resources

All-in-one accurate and continuous temperature monitoring subscription service

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We offer an easy to use temperature monitoring subscription service that combines:
accuracy, accredited calibration, simplified quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Who likes nasty surprises?

Manually taking daily measurements is time consuming and prone to error. In many instances, temperature measurement records are not continuously collected, resulting in missed opportunities to identify anomalies and to act promptly to minimize issues.

Accredited calibration Impeccable accuracy Simplified compliance
 Why settle for less? Our sensors are calibrated in-house to ISO/IEC 17025 - an internationally recognized standard - and each sensor is provided with its unique Calibration Certificate.Select a sensor based on the calibration range that suits your needs, with accuracy as high as ±0.06° C at 4 0r 5 points over the temperature range of the sensor.
Say "Goodbye" to manual data collection with a handheld probe, paper and pen. 
No downtime due to re-calibration of probes. You receive new calibrated sensors every year.

 Timely insights Access 24/7 worldwide Scale to requirements
Download the continuous data from the sensor to the BrightSentinel Cloud service to review, share and report the status of your independently equipment with a few clicks.The BrightSentinel Cloud service is available anytime and anywhere you have internet access, simplifying the management of multiple remote labs.Subscribe for any number of sensors and add sensors as your needs change. You only pay for your annual subscription; no additional installation or support fees.


The complete solution

Our service means so much more than just a tiny physical sensor!

The complete temperature monitoring package includes:


All-in-one temperature monitoring service

The annual subscription to the BrightSentinel service consists of the T+ Button, calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025, with accuracy exceeding ±0.06° C between 0° and 50° C. The T+ Button is a tiny device, 16 millimeters in diameter and water resistant, that fits into compact spaces without sacrificing equipment capacity. It is ideal for use in incubators, fridges, heated stages and for transportation of temperature sensitive products.

There is no minimum quantity purchase for the subscription - you may use one T+ Button or hundreds; it is up to you.

Downloading a T+ Button takes seconds with the Data Downloader. The data is uploaded to the BrightSentinel Cloud service, where the continuous, detailed 24/7 temperature records are stored for analysis and reporting, providing clear insight of the safety and reliability of your equipment. The continuous data provides an early warning of worrying trends and reduces unscheduled down-time.

The BrightSentinel Cloud service is suitable for a single lab or multiple labs or departments of your business. You have the flexibility to manage user access, monitor unlimited number of equipment or activities and set the temperature ranges and frequency of data collection to suit your quality control and research requirements.

Annually, on renewal of your subscription, we send you new calibrated sensors, with their unique calibration certificates, eliminating the fuss of organizing the re-calibration of your temperature measurement devices.

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