Precise temperature insights ​​for
improved quality decisions

Precise temperature insights ​for improved quality decisions

Precise temperature insights ​for improved quality decisions

BrightSentinel temperature monitoring devices and apps

The automated BrightSentinel temperature monitoring subscription service provides clinicians with the precise tools for superior continuous temperature insights.


Manually taking temperature records is time consuming and error prone. 

Our all-in-one temperature monitoring subscription service frees up your time for more critical work.

What makes up the BrightSentinel system?

BrightSentinel AnnoLog Life loggers

AnnoLog Life 

Impeccable precision - The AnnoLog Life provides unparalleled confidence for your quality assurance and regulatory compliance. 

Accurate and responsive - Record temperature readings inside incubators, refrigerators and on heated surfaces with the improved AnnoLog Life. 

Small and fits in tight spaces

  • 26 mm diameter x 8 mm high.
  • Operating range: -30º C to 70º C.
  • Waterproof to 10 meters.
  • Made from medical grade (ISO 10993) polymers and stainless steel.
  • Clean with regular lab grade detergents and disinfectants.

Accurate, reliable and continuous

  • Precisely calibrated to 4 points; namely: 0, 25° C, 37.50° C and 50° C.
  • Bluetooth communication with smartphones and the BrightSentinel Relay.
  • Stores 6,000 readings.
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Calibration Certificate 

Unbeatable accuracy - Each AnnoLog Life is calibrated to an internationally recognised standard.  

World class calibration

  • Calibrated at 4 points: 0, 25° C, 37.50° C and 50° C, with an enviable uncertainty of measurement of ±0.05ºC over the range.
  • The unique calibration certificate is included with each AnnoLog Life, and is accessible from BrightSentinel Cloud. 
  • All AnnoLog Life loggers are calibrated by BrightSentinel's in-house calibration laboratory.  
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No downtime

  • No more downtime as a result of having to schedule on-site re-calibration activities or waiting for probes to be recalibrated off-site.  
  • On renewal of your subscription, you receive a new calibrated AnnoLog Life with its calibration certificate. 
BrightSentinel Calibration Certificate
View of BrightSentinel mobile app

BrightSentinel Mobile App

Simplify your workflow - Use your phone or tablet to communicate with AnnoLog Life.

  • Configure and download data from the AnnoLog Life wirelessly. 
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • No additional adapters or cables to buy.
  • No manual transcription of readings. The data is uploaded to the BrightSentinel Cloud.
  • BLE communication compatible with iOS and Android phones.
  • No complex software to install. 
  • No need to wait for IT Support to  complete setup.

BrightSentinel Cloud

Information at your finger tips - Accessible anytime, anywhere on the BrightSentinel Cloud.

Centralised repository 

  • All your temperature monitoring data in one place.
  • Flexibility to work the way that suits you best, such as setting temperature limits, frequency of readings, data collection duration, and user permissions.
  • Continuous data in graphical, numerical and reporting formats provide timely insightful feedback and early warning of worrying trends.
  • Group data plots for ease of comparison on a single graph.
  • Easily deployed at a single site or at multiple sites of your company.
  • The BrightSentinel Cloud is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 – confidence in the integrity of the system.  
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Temperature graph in BrightSentinel Cloud
BrightSentinel Relay

BrightSentinel Relay

Set and forget - Let the Relay do the tedious work of gathering temperature data from the AnnoLog Life. 

Automatic downloads

  • Suitable for applications using 10+ AnnoLog Life loggers. 
  • Ideal in environments that are not staffed everyday ... or you just want to automate the downloading task. Collected readings are downloaded every 12 hours and sent to the BrightSentinel Cloud.
  • Plug in with a standard USB charger and place in a convenient location. No other setup required - not even a button to push!
  • Connects to the cellular phone network. No need for WiFi or to trouble your IT Support for the network connection.
  • Includes a backup battery that continues collecting data for 10 hours and alerts if mains power is interrupted.
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