Strengthen your quality control
reduce your compliance burden

temperature monitoring device
precise and continuous 
temperature monitoring ​subscription service
for quality management in life science environments.

Strengthen your 
quality control and 
reduce your compliance burden

temperature monitoring device
precise and continuous 
temperature monitoring ​subscription 
service  for quality management 
in life science environments.

Automated Monitoring =
Time Saving

Manually taking temperature records is time consuming and error prone. Free up your time for your patients and more time-sensitive tasks.

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No Recalibration Downtime =
Even More Time Saving

On renewal of your subscription, you receive new calibrated loggers. You no longer need to pause activities while waiting for your temperature probes or equipment to be recalibrated.

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Timely Insights =
Improved Quality Control

Insightful feedback, from the continuous temperature data records, provides early warning of possible anomalies and  supports timely corrective action.

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Precision calibration

Accredited Calibration =
​​​Impeccable Precision

The BrightSentinel subscription service includes calibration ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

The impeccable precision of the calibrated loggers provides unparalleled confidence for your quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

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All-Inclusive Subscription​ with our AnnoLog Logger


  • Pay only for the number of calibrated temperature loggers you need
  • No hidden, costs, no extra fees for calibration
  • No haggling over the number of calibration points
  • No additional support from your IT needed

Suitable Environments

  • Human assisted reproduction (HAR)
  • Stem cell
  • Hematology
  • Animal Genetics
  • Clinical Research

Suitable Applications

  • Benchtop and transport incubators
  • Workflow stations and isolettes
  • Fridges
  • Transport refrigerators
  • Transportation of perishable products
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Partners of BrightSentinel

Partners of BrightSentinel

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