Automated Temperature

Time Saving

Free up your time to get on with more critical work,
without disruptions.
Temperature ​Monitoring

Automated Temperature

Time Saving

​Free up your time to get on with more critical work, without disruptions.

Automated Temperature Monitoring with
​the BrightSentinel System

Automated Temperature Monitoring with
​the BrightSentinel System

BrightSentinel System


Easily monitor equipment and processes 24/7 with our precise AnnoLog-Life  logger.

  • Fits in tight spaces: 26mm diameter x 8mm.
  • Precisely calibrated to 4 points; namely: 0, 25° C, 37.50° C and 50° C.
  • Waterproof to 10 meters.
  • Bluetooth communication with smartphones.
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Calibration Certificate

Annolog-Life is highly accurate. An uncertainty of measurement of ±0.05ºC to be exact. 

  • Each AnnoLog -Life is issued with its Calibration Certificate by BrightSentinel's in-house calibration laboratory, accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by NVLAP. 
  • Calibration certificates are readily accessible in the BrightSentinel Cloud.
ISO/IEC 17025:2017
BrightSentinel communication

BrightSentinel Phone App

Use your phone or tablet to communicate with AnnoLog-Life.

  • No Manual transcription of data.
  • No additional adapters or cables needed.
  • BLE communication compatible with iOS and Android phones.

BrightSentinel Cloud

Everything is accessible anytime, anywhere on the BrightSentinel Cloud.

  • All your temperature monitoring data in one place.
  • Review, share and report with your colleagues.
  • Group your temperature data by equipment and view on a single graph for quick reference.
  • Flexibility to set your temperature ranges, frequency of readings, when to start and stop data collection.
BrightSentinel Cloud

We also have you covered for...

We also have you covered for...

Simplified Setup

No complex software to install. 
No need to wait for IT Support to  complete setup.

Your workflow is made simpler. 

Secure Data Environment

The BrightSentinel service is inherently compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 – which means confidence in the integrity of the system. No messing with your data on the Azure platform. 

No More Re-Calibration Activities

Say good-bye to having to organise the re-calibration of probes and loggers. On subscription renewal, you receive new loggers, already calibrated. Just swap out the old loggers for the new ones.    

Consistency Across Your Business

The BrightSentinel service is suitable for a single lab or multiple labs across different regions of your company. Centrally monitor an unlimited number of equipment and activities. We scale with your needs.

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