Case 1: The Unwell Well

07.07.21 08:02 AM By jsamfat

Case 1: The Unwell Well

Interesting conversations often start with "something is odd" ...

"The temperature readout of the incubator says all is fine. However, the temperature graphs of the BrightSentinel system are saying a different story!"

The Unwell Well

Lab A: I think something is odd! The loggers are recording different temperatures in the different wells of an incubator. Do you think the loggers could be faulty?

BrightSentinel: The loggers may be faulty. First, let’s check whether they are. Would you mind swapping the loggers around?

Meaning, if logger A is reading the left well and logger B is reading the right well, them place logger A in the right well and logger B in the left well for 24 hours.

Lab A: OK, will do. Speak soon.

Three days later …

Lab A: Hey, you are right! The buttons are reading correctly and the temperature of the incubator well is consistently out. I actually swapped out the loggers again and consistent result. Looks like I’d better call the technician. Thanks.
Below is a graphical representation of the temperature recordings on the BrightSentinel Cloud, which triggered the awareness and conversation above. Can you spot the anomaly?
Quality control, the unsung hero, is so important.
Get in touch if you need help with your temperature monitoring.


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