Case 2: The Drifting Incubator

07.07.21 08:02 AM By jsamfat

Case 2:
The Drifting Incubator

 What the drift is happening?

"The temperature readout of the incubator reads within range but the temperature data collected by the BrightSentinel system is noticeably different!"

The Drifting Incubator

Lab B: Something is odd. We have a logger in an incubator well. Over the past few days, the logger is recording consistently different temperatures compared with the displayed readings of the incubator. Not by much but consistently different to be noticeable.

I've been watching this for a few days and the difference is increasing. What do you think might be the issue?

BrightSentinel: Be aware that the uncertainty of measurement of the incubator temperature probe may be higher than that of the BrightSentinel logger. Also, note that the position of the temperature sensor in the incubator may be located in a different location to that of the BrightSentinel logger in the well.

Lab B: I had not considered this...

BrightSentinel: Let’s work by elimination through a series of steps.

  1. Check that the incubator is plugged into the power point properly. If it is, go to the next step.

  2. Place another logger in the well with the existing one and monitor for a couple of days. If the loggers are reading consistently the same temperature and the digital reading of the incubator is different, then it is likely to be the incubator.

  3. Check when the incubator was last serviced. Time for a service?

  4. Check the age of the incubator. As machines age, they tend to require servicing more often.

Lab B: OK, will do.

Below is a graphical representation of the temperature recordings on the BrightSentinel Cloud.....

BrightSentinel loggers are verified and calibrated to ISO17025, with an uncertainty of measurement of ±0.05º C.

Outliers are much more easily spotted when measurements are taken 24/7. The graphs and reporting provided in the BrightSentinel system quickly highlight "odd" instances; sharpening your awareness and saving you the guess work.


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